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Angel Investment Network Interested in Investing Capital in Promising Companies

BlueWater Angels, LLC is a network of more than 50 high net-worth individuals and select organizations interested in investing capital in promising companies with the expectation of receiving substantial return on their investment.

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Numerous, qualified investment opportunities each quarter presented to our members.


Various events hosted throughout the year to network, learn about investment opportunities, and more.

Job Creation

Investment in Mid-Michigan companies, resulting in economic development and job creation.


Investment in Health, Energy, Internet & Mobile, Software, and Technology companies.

BlueWater Angels Present Personal Positioning Technologies with First Half of Round

Human Hoist LLC is an Ergonomic Personal Positioning Technology Designer and Manufacturing Company!

On Thursday, September 12, 2019, BlueWater Angels, Bierlein Companies and the Dow Entrepreneurship Institute jointly hosted a Deal Review Night at SVSU’s Emeriti Room in Curtiss Hall. Deal Review Nights are an event centered on current investment opportunities that Angel Investors are able to hear about and invest in.

BlueWater Angels presented the first $200,000 check to Personal Positioning Technologies for their Human Hoist Power Shop Chair, with an expected total investment of $400,000 in the current round.

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