• Countless Investment Opportunities

    Countless Investment Opportunities

    BlueWater Angels receives numerous investment opportunities throughout the year. After due diligence processes, these opportunities are presented to members for investment.

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  • Emphasis on Networking

    Emphasis on Networking

    BlueWater Angels hosts many events throughout the year for networking with members, friends and family, business partners, investment opportunities, and more.

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  • Community Driven

    Community Driven

    BlueWater Angels typically invests in Michigan-based companies with an emphasis on Mid-Michigan; resulting in economic development and increased jobs visible to members.

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  • Active Engagement

    Active Engagement

    Many of BlueWater Angels’ members are middle-aged and/or retired. BlueWater Angels provides these members with opportunities for involvement, to pass on their knowledge, and to increase their assets.

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  • Education & Awareness

    Education & Awareness

    BlueWater Angels hosts educational workshops and entrepreneurial boot-camps to kick-start investment and business knowledge across the Mid-Michigan area.

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  • Diversify Your Portolio

    Diversify Your Portolio

    Most investors send a check to Wall Street each month and will never see what happens to the money or see a return. BlueWater Angels provides members with the opportunity to invest in companies they can interact with and create returns for.

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Why Members Choose BlueWater Angels
Awards & Success Stories

Allergan Acquires Gene

Therapy Company RetroSense

Therapeutics for $60M upfront,

anticipated $600M.

Gemphire went public in August

of 2015 with an IPO of

$10.00 / share.

ProNAi went public in July 2015

with an IPO of $17.00 / share.

RetroSense was presented the Luis

Villalobos Award in 2015 an honor

for the most ingenious and

innovative idea recently financed

by members of the Angel Capital


Why Companies Seek Investment from BlueWater Angels

Is your company seeking financial investment? Take the next step.

Portfolio Companies
  • Advanced Battery Concepts
  • Altus Brands
  • backstitch
  • ePaySelect
  • foodjunky
  • Fulcrum Composites
  • Accio Energy
  • AMF Nano
  • AzulStar
  • Bandals International
  • DRNA
  • Envy
  • Epsilon
  • Gema
  • Gemphire
  • GreenLancer
  • Gryt
  • Immusoft
  • Larky
  • Mrs. Glee’s
  • Instore
  • ProNAi
  • RealBio
  • RetroSense
  • Silikids
  • SunTegra