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You have the opportunity to design your own investment portfolio, develop your knowledge in all areas of investing and share your expertise to make money and enjoy high returns. Becoming an investor allows you to give something back and support local businesses and the local economy.

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We have a large network of High Net Worth individuals who are constantly looking for new business ideas to invest in. Our investors are here to help you expand your company by sharing their knowledge and expertise. Every month we hold angel networking events that give business owners the opportunity to pitch their business idea to investors. Inspire our investors today!




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Andrew N. Liveris Chairman and CEO, The Dow Chemical Company, Founding Member, BlueWater Angels
Sophisticated investor networks like BlueWater Angels in mid-Michigan help promising entrepreneurial ventures grow their companies locally. BlueWater Angels provides much-needed capital as well as expertise and connections, all of which are critical to a young company’s success.

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