BlueWater Angels | Meaningful Exits
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Meaningful Exits

RetroSense RetroSense Therapeutics asset sale to Allergan

BWA provided seed round funding for RetroSense in March of 2014, follow on funding of the B round in 2015, and bridge funding in 2016, for a total of $2.2m investment from BWA members (reaching $15m with syndicated investment).

The  initial payout from Allegan plc to RetroSense and its investors is $60m and, expected future payouts could equal $550m





Gemphire logoGemphire Therapeutics went public in August of 2016

BWA provided seed funding in March of 2015, and raised additional Venture Capital funding of $2,800,000 in July of 2015.

At the IPO price it represented a return of over 60% in just over a years time from the initial investment.









ProNai logoProNai went public in July of 2015.

BWA provided Series C funding in August of 2012, and a further 2 rounds in 2013.