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No funding, no startups

20:55 05 March in Blog by Ken Kousky

The primary source of funding for all start-ups in 2008 was from what we often call the three F’s – family, friends and fools. These were the connections entrepreneurs knew and could solicit for funding. However, the savings and funds that were available for American’s...

Getting In Getting Out

22:46 26 November in Blog by Ken Kousky

When Blue Water Angels was first organized, we looked to the Kauffman Foundation and the Angel Capital Association for guidance on framework development. We spoke with other clubs, hired consultant/trainers to help with codifying best-practices and added some fresh ideas of our own.  We were...

SEC Proposes Impractical Crowdfunding Rules

17:12 25 October in Blog by Ken Kousky

On Wednesday, Oct 23rd, the SEC agreed to release proposed rules for crowdfunding equity investments in startups. While they were 10 months late, they're still far from opening the markets. There is a 90 day window for comments and then the SEC will issue final rules which become effective...

IP – Patents vs. Brands

17:51 17 May in Blog by Ken Kousky

There is a vast range of intellectual property that comprises the strategic asset base of any company. In appraising the opportunities of early stage tech start-ups, I've witnessed a significant gap between the thinking of government agencies and large corporations vs. the thinking of entrepreneurs and...