BlueWater Angels | Become an Investor
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Become an Investor

Blue Water Angel members are passionate about business and about their community. Angels contribute to the general prosperity of the region by helping worthwhile early stage and growth companies succeed.

Blue Water Angel members share their experience and expertise, collaborate on the due diligence process and provide mentoring guidance to the companies being invested in. This reduces the risk and exposure on any particular investment opportunity and increases the degree of involvement and understanding in private-equity investments.


Blue Water Angel members are defined by their records of success. We are CEOs, entrepreneurs and professionals who have proven our abilities in business. All of our investors meet accredited investor criteria.


Our members are individuals with a desire to expand their list of portfolio companies and assist in the growth of those companies by providing essential business guidance on key issues such as operations, team building and monetization strategies. Collectively, we are able to supply many early stage and growth companies with sufficient capital and expertise to launch their businesses or grow them to the next stage of development. Members may decide to invest by themselves or form an investment consortium. However, all of our members collaborate in due diligence activities.


To apply for membership, you must be an ‘accredited investor’. Please refer to US Security and Exchange Guidelines.


Contact BlueWater Angels today to discuss how you can become an investor today!


If you have any further questions, be sure to check out our Membership FAQ.