BWA Application for Funding

Welcome to your Entrepreneur Application for Funding

Applicant / Founder Name
Business Entity Name
Applicant Email address
Applicant Telephone Number
Business Address; Street, City, State, Zip
1. Please describe the industry problem you are solving and your product/service's solution (250 words max).
2. Please describe the market and segments into which you are selling
3. Please describe your business model
How do you make money? What are your revenue streams? How much revenue does a customer represent?
4. Please describe your value proposition
Who are your clients? Why would they buy from you? What is their motivation? What is their ROI?
5. Please describe your marketing plan
Provide an overview of your marketing plan. Who are you selling to and how will you reach them? What will they pay?
6. Please describe your sales plan and channels
Provide an overview of your sales plan. How will you sell to your customers? What channels will you use?
7. Please describe the use of funds
Please summarize your use of funds and financial projections including cash flow positive and break-even milestones. What is your cost structure and how volatile are your variable costs? Do you have significant inventory and fulfillment issues? What are your five year projections of revenue?
8. Please provide a management team summary
Provide an overview of the management team. Why is the the right team to win in the market place? What unique skills and experience does the team have? Why should the investor trust the team with their hard earned cash?
9. Please describe your competitive landscape and competitive advantages
Please describe the sources of competition in the marketplace and your sustainable competitive advantages that will help you win in that same marketplace.
10. Who are your top 3 most likely acquirers and why
Who are the most likely acquirers in your market that you will target for exit? Are you seeking IPO? Provide examples of prior exits and exit values.
11. Please describe your commercial traction
Please describe your number and type of users, current and future revenue expectations, key accounts, etc.
12. What are your key strengths
Please list the key strengths of your business. Why will you win in the marketplace?
13. What are your key risks
Please list the key weaknesses of the venture. Insufficient capital is not a risk.
14. What key resources do you possess and need to go to the next level (3 - 5 bullet points)
Please list the key resources that you have and need to propel your company to the next level.
15. What key customer / partner / vendor relationships do you possess and need to go to the next level (3 - 5 bullet points)
16. What are your key customer market segments and revenue streams in order of priority (3 - 5 bullet points)
17. What are the top three metrics to measure success of your venture?
18. Is your product revolutionary or evolutionary?
19. What is the compensation structure of your management team?
It is critical that founding teams be properly incentivized for success given the heartaches and headaches they will face in the process. This must be balanced by the company's need to preserve equity for growth and investors. How is the founder's compensation structured?
20. What is the Total Addressable Market (TAM) size for your product and / or service?
The TAM is the size of the market directly addressable by your product or service.
21. What is the competitive landscape for your market?
The competitive landscape consists of your direct and indirect competitors. How do you stack up against them? How will you in the marketplace?
22. What key members of management are in place?
Investors invest in teams in markets they like and understand. Please describe your team and their level of participation.
23. What is the status of revenue generated to date or expected revenues?
Investors typically have a target window of maturity of the companies in which they invest. Please describe the status of your revenue.
24. What is the status of your product development?
25. What is your valuation?
What is the pre-money valuation of the company.
26. How is your deal structured?
Please describe the general structure of your investment offering.
27. What is the status of your intellectual property?
Please describe the status your intellectual property including copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets.
28. What is the exit potential of your venture?
Investors want to know you know how they will get their money back plus returns. Please describe the exit potential for your venture.
29. Does your business model allow for recurring revenue?
Recurring revenue means there is typically a high cost of switching, and thus, the client is presumed to be more closely engaged. Please describe your revenue model.
30. Are you soliciting under Rule 506(c) general solicitation or 506(b) NOT general solicitation?
31. Have you offered securities (debt or stock) in the past 6 months?
32. Does your business model allow for high margins?
High margins equate to room for error. Please describe the margins for your product/service.