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Membership Rates

30 April in Blog

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller At BlueWater Angels, we are in the business of selling memberships to Accredited Investors with the purpose of creating an Angel Group that invests in Michigan-based start-up companies looking for seed...

New Year, New Update

01 February in Blog

As we embark on a new year it seems appropriate to look back at where we’ve been and consider where we’re going. While that’s a good idea, I fear most of you may have more pressing issues so I will keep it brief. We are starting...

Why Join?

01 February in Blog

Most of you are probably aware of BWAs drive to expand our membership this year.  To get this project started we had a number of interviews with existing members, non-members, prior members and curious onlookers that have ended up on our mailing list for one...

Startup Myth Busters

19 May in Blog

By: Ken Kousky, BlueWater Angels and Krista Tuomi, American University Federal and state governments are beginning to recognize the important role that startups play in job creation. (A recent article by Neumark, Wall, and Zhang notes that they account for almost 20 percent of gross job...