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Is your entrepreneurial venture seeking capital investment?


Investment criteria for applicants:

Headquartered within within a two-hour drive of mid-Michigan

Technology Sector Niche

Seeking $1 million or less from BWA.

Match at least 50 percent of requested funding (from principals or other previous/current investors)

Close first round of investment with a professional group and/or a deal is in progress with another professional investment group(s)

Personal referral from a member of BlueWater Angels or another angel group


Entrepreneurs applying for funding are asked NOT to share information deemed confidential or proprietary with BWA in applications or written correspondence.


BWA does not commit to provide guidance or feedback on applications.

Companies that meet a majority of the criteria (listed on the left) should invest the time to apply for funding through BWA.

Helpful information to form and finance new ventures can be found in this Document Generators & Startup Forms

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