Membership Rates

Membership Rates

11:52 30 April in Blog

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

At BlueWater Angels, we are in the business of selling memberships to Accredited Investors with the purpose of creating an Angel Group that invests in Michigan-based start-up companies looking for seed and growth capital. We are also in the business of investing time and support into nurturing start-ups to encourage entrepreneurship and success.

In 2008 when BlueWater Angels was formed, a small group of accredited investors came to together to create the organization due to the need for economic development and job creation in the Tri-City area. We call these original members our founders, currently these individuals all remain a vital part of our organization with ownership in the entity. These founding members fostered the ability for membership to grow by inviting friends, family, and business partners to join the organization [so long as they had accredited investor status].

Today, we utilize the same methods to increase membership but our membership rates are declining. Previously, we would encourage members to bring 10 leads per year to the organization. Now, it seems that leads are becoming few and far between and our membership is at an all-time low.

Ways to Increase

  1. Investors bring friends, family, business partners
  2. Partnership with educational institutions
  3. Inviting elite members and professionals from high valued local businesses

Benefits of membership

  1. Access to pre-screened deals for investment
  2. Educational workshops and events at no additional cost
  3. Networking with a diversified group of individuals
  4. Diversification of investment portfolio

Kaitlyn Barber
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