Advanced Battery Concepts

About This Project

Advanced Battery Concepts is driving innovative technology, branded GreenSeal™, into the large-format, battery industry enabling smaller, lighter and longer life batteries. GreenSeal™ batteries are a cost-effective solution to today’s and tomorrow’s energy storage applications. And, best yet, GreenSeal™ batteries have lower impact on the environment than traditional large-format batteries.

Performance Highlights


  • 200% the energy or 1000% the power versus standard lead-acid batteries
  • 3 to 4 times projected life improvement versus today’s lead-acid batteries
  • Extendible to other battery chemistries including Pb-Carbon and Metal-Air
  • Easily adopted into existing applications

Environmental Highlights


  • Uses 25% less lead compared to conventional lead-acid batteries
  • Reduces Green House Gas & Energy needs in battery manufacturing
  • Is 100% recyclable in the existing infrastructure
  • Enabling technology for alternative energy systems