About This Project is a concierge service that makes ordering food from your local restaurants easy for individuals, groups, and catering.

foodjunky customers are hungry people looking to easily find food. Whether it’s an administrative/executive assistant or oce manager at a company with 25 – 3,000 employees or an individual sitting at home using Yelp because of the convenience,
we provide customers with any option they want or need, all in one place. Some of our current corporate customers include BDO, General Motors, Quicken Loans, Hewlett Packard and tumblr.

Our proven marketing system leverages our restaurant network to scale quickly. Using an incentives program, restaurants market to their existing customers. foodjunky supplements the program using direct sales, direct mail, email marketing, PPC advertising (display/video) and social media.


foodjunky does not charge restaurants for its services. Online menu aggregators like GrubHub charge an average of 14% of food ordered back to the restaurant, when restaurant margins average 13.5%. This has allowed foodjunky to become the fastest growing aggregator in the country, adding 1,000 restaurants a month–10 times faster than competition. Because of the high costs associated with the competition’s services, almost half of their revenue is dedicated to a sales commission expense to sign up restaurants. This unique model creates a stronger partnership with the restaurants, who often work exclusively with foodjunky or discontinue the use of competitive services because of high costs.




foodjunky has expanded into 250+ cities, 29 states and 4,000+ users in the last 16 months. foodjunky targets cities with a high concentration of hungry customers that don’t currently have online ordering as an option.