Fulcrum Composites Inc.

About This Project

Fulcrum Composites was formed in 2004 as a spin-off from The Dow Chemical Company to accelerate the commercialization of Fulcrum Technology.

FULCRUM™ Thermoplastic Composites are produced from an engineering thermoplastic polyurethane (ETPU) matrix using the patented FULCRUM Technology process. FULCRUM Technology has no volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and can produce solid and hollow profiles using pultrusion techniques. FULCRUM Composite materials typically have high strength and stiffness, greater toughness, and better damage tolerance than most thermoset materials. Additionally, FULCRUM Composites can be produced at higher speeds with greater design freedom than typical pultrusion processes. And, scrap material from FULCRUM Composites can be recycled and used in other thermoplastic processes.