Human Hoist

About This Project

Human Hoist LLC is an Ergonomic Personal Positioning Technology Designer and Manufacturing Company! The Human Hoist powered shop chair has been in development and testing for 8 years. Our focus is about quality & durability and we have produced a superb industrial grade tool. There is nothing else on the planet that does what Human Hoist does! 

The Human Hoist Power Shop Chair is uniquely designed for lifting and supporting the human body for work. Designed with table 3 point casters, Human Hoist effortlessly glides from position to position and can be anchored with the wheel locks as needed. Human Hoist can be stopped at any position in its travel to function equally as well as a chair, an adjustable stool or a creeper. 

By adjusting the position of the worker to large or unwieldy work, proper ergonomics can be applied and work can be performed within the accepted ranges of movement. In addition, multiple tasks can be performed, each in a proper work position by quickly and safely re-positioning the device for each task! By doing so, proper ergonomic positioning and support of employees while performing each work task can improve work quality and productivity, reduce the stretching, straining, and reaching that can lead to acute injuries, and reduce the likelihood of cumulative trauma injuries that result in disability and workman’s comp claims!

The Human Hoist’s innovative personal positioning technology is a quantum leap forward in ergonomics, it will improve the lives of thousands of people. After many years of design/development, this life-changing tool has finally become a reality. The applications for the Human Hoist power shop chair are extensive across a broad range of industries such as Aviation, Manufacturing, Transportation, Industrial/Commercial Equipment, Rehabilitation, and Mechanics just to name a few! This is also a great tool for any car enthusiast that wants to make working on their car less painful and more enjoyable!