Why Join?

Why Join?

15:44 01 February in Blog

Most of you are probably aware of BWAs drive to expand our membership this year.  To get this project started we had a number of interviews with existing members, non-members, prior members and curious onlookers that have ended up on our mailing list for one reason or another.

From these conversations we quickly learned four important things,

  • Members sell members. Virtually all of our new members were “recruited” by existing member
  • Most members want/need talking points. They appreciate their membership, but they feel they don’t know enough about how things operate and what kind of results we have produced.

I get requests for my slides all the time. People want factoid and BWA has a great story to tell. Last month John Bartos orchestrated a prevention to John Molenour and two other US congressmen. They were very interested in the role of startups and the critical role they play in the economy

  • Many members place social and community impact as important as financial returns. One member volunteered that he sees his investments as charitable contributions that will do as much or more for improving our communities than any other charity. And we’re not even a charity!

New members are quite surprised that BWA spends far more on community awareness, startup mentoring and angel development than on specific financial transactions. The great thing is that instead of being a charitable deduction, your membership is a financial cost and 100% deductible.

  • In identifying and addressing these challenges head-on, we should be able to engage our membership and meet our membership growth objectives.

We’re all prepared to make the difference.

On our updated resources page, please take a few minutes to read our recently featured in Crain’s Article and our BWA specific tear sheet. We encourage you to share these materials with friends, family and potential members.

Ken Kousky

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