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Effective ways to clean your outdoor tiles

As we inch closer to the conclusion of British Summer Time, many of you may be wondering (a) pfft, is this the end of summer? and (b) how can I restore the luster to my gorgeous porcelain slab tiles after the weather has dropped all this debris on them?

If that is the case, we are unable to assist you with your initial query, but we can provide some advice on how to clean outdoor tiles in this useful guide…


Cleaning outdoor slab outdoor tiles or pool tiles is a simple task, and with the correct equipment on hand, it can be made much simpler!

  • Leaf blower (optional) 
  • Soft-bristled brush 
  • Nylon brush with stiff bristles (not essential)
  • A bucket 
  • A hosepipe (optional) 
  • Rubber gloves

Routine for Pre-Cleaning

Now, before you begin running taps and splashing water around, it’s critical to verify that the surface of your outdoor slab outdoor tiles is clear of dirt and organic matter (which includes twigs, leaves, stones, and little ‘parcels’ dropped by a pet).

Sweep the tiles with the stiff bristles brush to remove any surface dirt. If you do this activity in late September/October (for more information on which chores to complete when, see our Outdoor Maintenance Calendar), you may notice that your pool tiles have a sprinkling of crisp leaves scattered over them. If such is the case, you may either sweep them all into a pile or, if you have one, get out the leaf blower and make quick work of the job!

How To Clean Outdoor Tiles Of Organic Matter

After ensuring that your outdoor tiles are clear of twigs, leaves, and stones, it’s time to handle organic stains such as moss, algae, rust, and efflorescence. We propose utilizing an acid-based cleaning solution — a strong detergent that effectively removes a wide variety of debris from ceramic, porcelain, and unpolished natural stone tiles without causing damage.

For outdoor usage, clean the outdoor tiles well with a hose or power washer and then dilute the detergent to a ratio of 1:5 or 1:10 with water (1 litre of product in 5 or 10 litres of water). Apply the combined solution in sections of a few square metres at a time, allowing 5 minutes for contact time, before scrubbing the surface with a stiff-bristled brush. Following that, using an absorbent soft cloth, wipe away any residue and then thoroughly rinse the outdoor tiles and pool tiles with lots of water. If any tenacious stains remain, continue the procedure with a solution mix of a greater concentration. Please keep in mind that certain detergents are not recommended for use on quartz, polished natural stone, metallic tiles, or slate.

Effective ways to clean your outdoor tiles

Cleaning Exterior Wall Tiles – The Most Effective Method for Cleaning Outdoor Wall Tiles

Cleaning and maintaining outdoor wall tiles are critical for maintaining the beauty of the property throughout the late decorating era. The following are some simple procedures for cleaning and maintaining outside wall tiles:

1. The external wall tiles may be cleaned every day without using wet water.

To clean the fine sand and dust on the tile’s surface, we may use a broom or dust paper mop. We may remove dirt from the external wall tile surface by wiping it with a clean cloth or mopping it with water and then drying the brick surface.

2. Disinfect external wall tiles in a variety of methods.

After polishing, the tiles may retain some fine concave and convex pores, but if they are stained with color pollution such as tea, coffee, soy sauce, or ink, the stain will quickly permeate the tile’s interior and must be dealt with promptly. There are two types of processing:

  • If there is leftover protective agent on the exterior surface of the wall tile, we may sprinkle talc powder on it and then wipe back and forth with a dry coarse cotton cloth to remove the dirt. After construction is complete, avoid using a cleaning solvent with a high pH or corrosive cleaning, as these chemicals will degrade the protective layer of the tile surface, reducing the anti-fouling performance of the outdoor tile wall. 
  • If there is color pollution on the outdoor tile wall, we can also use commercially available bleach to apply it to the dirt spot, cover it with plastic wrap for a few days, and then wipe it with clean water and dry it.

3. Technique for removing tough stains from external wall tile

If there are extremely stubborn stains on the external wall, such as black scratches, oil stains, or rust spots caused by iron that are locally attached to the surface of the outdoor tile and are difficult to remove, we can use decontamination powder, stain removal paste, or car wax, among other things. After that, rub back and forth with a clean cheesecloth to dry.

Effective ways to clean your outdoor tiles

Is it difficult to clean porcelain tiles outdoors?

Absolutely not! Due to the resistance of porcelain outdoor tiles to moisture, they are very difficult to stain, so no concerns about unsightly algae patches or BBQ spills. They may simply be cleaned once or twice a year to maintain their appearance. It’s not a difficult or time-consuming task, and a fast once-over may have these outdoor tiles looking fantastic in no time. Learn more about outdoor tiles vs indoor tiles.

What cleaning and maintenance supplies are required for outdoor porcelain outdoor tiles?

To ensure that the cleaning of your porcelain outdoor tiles/pool tiles is completed swiftly and successfully, it is important to have the proper equipment.

Begin with a soft-bristled brush to create beautiful surfaces. Sort your water using a bucket, but you may also use a pressure washer or a hosepipe if that is more convenient.

What is the best way to clean outdoor porcelain tiles?

Whichever cleaning agent you use for your outside porcelain tiles is entirely dependent on the amount of filth present.

If your outdoor tiles are just dirty, regular washing up liquid will suffice.

If, however, algae are present on the surface of your outdoor tiles, a more thorough cleaning will be required. This is an excellent way to remove algae build-up and restore the appearance of your outdoor porcelain tiles.